Auto-fill function not good enough

There are many issues I find with the auto-fill function on android. But the biggest of all is that it only works in browsers.

What about apps? If one is security cautious they will prefer using apps over web version of for sensitive services. The only option for apps remains copy & paste of sensitive information which in turn is not cleared from the clipboard and can be read by any other application. Facebook and other apps are well know for checking clipboard for useful information.

And this brings me to the best (in my opinion) method of filling passwords which is Secret Agent on OSX. This method provide max security and smallest attack surface.

Equivalent of Secret Agent on Android will be a custom keyboard. Several other PM have implemented this, here is an example of how it works. Can we get this feature in Codebook, if not any other ideas how to lower the risk of secrets leaking via Android’s clipboard?

Hi @4jb6mcs5T7vT

Thank you for your feedback regarding the Codebook for Android auto-fill feature. Auto-fill is currently limited to only browsers as to minimize false positives for displaying the popup on input fields where it should not display. The idea for a custom keyboard is certainly interesting, and we will consider that for the future. We are currently pursuing other features within Codebook, but we will certainly keep track of the interest of the community regarding this. Thank you again for your feedback.