Autocomplete entries preserve casing too hard

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Add and save a username all in lower-case to one entry.
  2. Attempt to add and save the same username in upper-case in a different entry.

Expected: You can do this and have complete control over the casing of your new username.
Actual: You cannot do this easily and the autocomplete entry that appears in lower-case (because of the first step) takes priority.

Workaround: Enter the new username in the right casing into a text editor (e.g. Visual Studio Code or Notepad) and then copy/paste it into Codebook.

System: Windows 10 (21H1 19043.1165), Codebook v4.4 (beta).

NOTE: I am not a beta tester - currently stuck on v4.4 beta due to a separate issue.

Hi @LordScree

We have received a report of this inconsistency and the issue has been addressed. The fix will be available in our next release.