iOS Autofill Field Selection?

I’ve noticed that in Codebook on iOS (all latest; iOS 16.5.1 and Codebook version is 4.5.15, though this issue has been around for as long as I think Codebook has supported autofill on iOS) that Codebook doesn’t always get the fields correct - when a website is looking for an email and a password Codebook often pulls a username instead. This happens even when the entry field is clearly labeled “email” and I have an email address associated with the website. Is this a Codebook problem, or an iOS problem?

Hi @Chuck_Vixen

Thanks for using Codebook and posting to the discussion forum, I’ll be happy to help.

Codebook Password AutoFill will select the first username or email address and password to use for filling (whether the target field is labeled username or email). There’s additional information about that at this link: Codebook Help - Troubleshooting iOS AutoFill

So if for example, you have an Entry like this:

The username will always be filled no matter whether the target field is an email address or username.

If you’d like the email address to be filled instead you could re-arrange the field ordering like so:

Let me know if this helps clarify, and if re-arranging the fields to have your desired username/email be first allows Codebook Password AutoFill to fill the correct value for you. Thanks!