"No Exact URL Matches" when using codebook on iOS app

Hello. Just purchased the iOS version of Codebook and trying to use Autofill within an app. Error message above is what I’m getting when trying to have Codebook autofill the password.


Hi @codebkkd

Thank you for purchasing Codebook and posting to the discussion forum. I’ll be happy to help.

Codebook for iOS Password AutoFill attempts to match Entries within Codebook based on the current context (i.e. the url or service identifier provided by the “host” application). It attempts to match this url/service identifier to any Website/URL fields of the Entry within Codebook. If no match is found, you will be shown an empty table with “No Exact URL Matches” text as you mentioned.

When this occurs, you can search for the desired entry (using the search bar at the top of the AutoFill interface) and select it. Once selected, Codebook should prompt you to add a Website/URL field for the applicable url/service identifier so that the give Entry will show up in the QuickType bar (above the keyboard) and in the results table the next time you attempt to AutoFill for that app/website.

There’s more information about it on this page here: Codebook Help - Codebook for iOS Password AutoFill

Could you let me know if you’re able to search for and select the desired entry and if it properly shows up in the QuickType bar/results after that? Thanks!


I was able to search and select the desired entry. Once I did that, I did not have to do it again.

Thank you for you help!!


Excellent. Glad I could help. Please feel free to reach out again if you have any further questions, issues, or feedback.