Delete old autofill

I once mis-typed in my email address and now it still appears as a ‘choice’ for new entries… Is there a way to ‘delete’ or clear the old auto-fills? I’d even be okay with clearing the entire cache and rebuilding…


Hi @gwongBC,

Sorry to hear about the trouble! We’re going to do a quick review of the code that handles the identity store updates for Password AutoFill to make sure it’s working as expected. Are you seeing this issue on iOS, macOS, or both?

I think resetting the store should fix up the problem in the meantime:

  1. Launch System Settings (née System Preferences)
  2. Go to Password panels
  3. Select Password Options
  4. Turn “Allow filling from” checkbox option next to Codebook off and then back on again – this should display a prompt from the Codebook AutoFill extension regarding the configuration of the feature, which will reset the IDs in question

Please let us know if that does the trick.

Hi thanks for the quick response… it’s macOS only… and in the CodeBook Passwords panel, I see only ‘Automatically review passwords with’ option.

In my Mac System Settings → Password Options, I only have ‘Autofill Passwords and Passkeys’ (currently disabled) and Verification Codes → Clean Up automatically (currently disabled).


Hi Gary,

Apologies for the delayed reply here! If you turn on that top switch there, “AutoFill Passwords and Passkeys”, that should make the “Allow filling from” options for both Codebook and Keychain appear in the view there, with a switch to turn them on.

So, can you enable that top switch for AutoFill, and then when Codebook appears there afterward, turn on the switch next to it as well? That should start the configuration process, and update any Quicktype suggestions for Codebook.

Please let me know if that helps!

Oh I should add that it’s auto-suggest WITHIN CodeBook, not autofill FROM CodeBook… in fact, I manually copy from CodeBook and into the Browser…

Gotcha, this should be pretty easy to resolve then. Those auto-complete suggestions that appear as you type in a field are based on what’s already in your database (they’re not cached anywhere). So, the simplest way to ensure a mistyped email address is no longer suggested when you are typing in an email field is to use the Search feature.

In the Search bar, type the wrong email address to find the Entry that has that value in its fields, and adjust it to the expected value.

Could you give that a shot and let us know if it fixes the problem?