AutoFill setup Documentation

Where do I find the documentation to setup Codebook 3.6.6 beta Autofill for iPhone running iOS 12.0? It flashed on when I opened the first time from TestFlight and can’t find it now.
Joe Holland

Hey Joe, you can find info on the Auto-Fill feature in this video: Codebook for iOS 3.6.0 Released - Password AutoFill and Free Trials


For anybody else following along we have documented the setup steps over here. Enjoy!


Thanks. That provided the missing piece. Think about how to provide that info to anew user in Codebook.

Will do! We’re thinking of making the new feature highlight something you can display again from settings and/or providing a release notes section that could enumerate new features and steps for enabling.


Both would be good. Best chance to head off an expensive call to support and to make it a better less frustrating user experience. So much for the Zen of Joe

Joe Holland

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Yet another odd thought. A very useful piece of info would be how an entry needs to be set up to ensure that Autofill works correctly. It is still hit or miss for me. I suspect because I got pretty creative with the structure of some of my entries.

Joe Holland

Hi @jh0lland,

An update on your earlier suggestion: the latest version of Codebook for iOS shows a new feature highlight on first login after updating that shows the user how to enable a new feature (if needed), and all changes are noted in the new Release Notes, which also includes the ability to show the feature highlight for a particular version. Release Notes is also presented on first login after upgrade, but you can always access it via Settings > Release Notes.

As to AutoFill, mind giving us some examples of what isn’t working for you? Do you store more than one set of credentials on the entry records involved?