Automatic field fill-in causing problems


version 2.5.3 (295) on El Capitan

I don’t really know what to call this, but when I create a new record or edit an existing record, text is automatically filled in for me whether I want it or not. Let’s assume that I want to change a URL from to https. I click just after the “P” and type “S.” As soon as I do, a drop down appears with a handful of entries and the first one automatically is entered after the “S.” So as soon as I enter the “S” the field is now

Similarly, if I am entering a new URL as soon as I type a non-alphanumeric character the first entry is auto-entered. I can see no way to stop this from happening!


@myronm We’ve got a fix for this behavior in the next feature release. The issue is with Cocoa’s auto-completion system—when presenting a suggestion, it assumes that if the user types punctuation characters he wants to accept the selection and append the punctuation character. This is expected behavior for a general-purpose text editor, but for structured data like hyperlinks and email addresses it just doesn’t work. A workaround for now would be to type out the hyperlink in notepad, and copy and paste it into the field.