Background Sync


This is something that we’ve heard about for a while, and something we’ve wanted to implement long before our customers started clamoring for it. We’re currently working hard on some important UI changes and features that will make big improvements to the STRIP experience, then we’ll be circling back to our new sync system. I can’t tell you it’s around the corner, but allowing for passive, background sync that doesn’t require you to kick it off and doesn’t keep you from accessing your data during sync, that’s what we’re aiming for. If you’ve got further thoughts on that or questions, have at it!


It’s been almost a year now…how are you guys doing on the background sync feature?
Rather than shooting for the moon, maybe even an optional “sync on start-up”, or “sync on shutdown” feature might be useful.


We’re still working on it. Sorry for the wait, other things have come up (like Touch ID, which has been a priority for you and many other customers.)

We have a long history, by that I mean years, of telling our customers, “we will get to this,” and we always do, even if it takes a long time. [And we rarely commit to future features.] This is reflected throughout all the reviews for the iOS app in the iTunes App Store.

Slow and steady, that’s our pace. Hopefully the results we deliver make the wait worth it—this is very much the impression we’ve gotten from our customers over the years and we look forward to continuing that.


This would be an attractive feature. Safewallet, the product I used before Codebook/Strip provided it.