Can't access preferences or categories while in edit mode

I just updated to the latest version and now when I try to go into the file menu to make changes to categories (and preferences) a pop up box appears saying " Unable to customize labels while in edit mode". I have never gotten this before and don’t know how to get out of edit mode. Please advise. Thanks

Hello @Sdielman

Can you confirm you are not editing anything within the application? Were you previously, if so, what? If you close the application and relaunch do you see the same behavior?

Everything seems to be working correctly now. When I first updated I could not make the changes. I did log out and log back in, but now that I have gone in again it is fine. I did try several iterations of opening files, copying, making changes and then changing the preferences and customize labels and all looks good. I’ll let you know if the problem comes up again.

Looking forward to the fingerprint verification. Let me know if you still need testers.