CMD-D disabled or changed?


I’ve used STRIP since day 1 and am using Codebook. I am thinking that my Plist file got corrupted, but CMD-D no longer works and the “- Folder” and “- Category” buttons are greyed out. Under the Edit menu, the Delete shortcut is CTRL-CMD-OPT-D. Any ideas?


Hi @myronm

Thank you for your support of STRIP and now Codebook. The hotkey for deleting a category or entry is CMD + Delete. That’s very strange that the edit menu is showing a different hotkey for you, this is what mine shows:

There’s a complete list of hotkeys here:

Are you running the current version of Codebook [3.0.4 (345)]? Would you mind running an integrity check (File -> Integrity Check) and see if it reports any issues?


Apparently my SYSTEM was corrupt. I went into System Preferences -> Keyboard and added Delete (delete key) and the problem was solved. Go figure. Case closed.

PS: Dropbox syncing problems also seem to be resolved. Another mystery.

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Glad to hear the issues are resolved. Thanks for outlining the steps you took to fix it, could help other users who experience the same problem.

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Here is how to add the CMD-D command to your keyboard shortcuts on a Mac.