Codebook for OS X 3.0.4 Released

Codebook for Mac version 3.0.4 is now available. This update is focused on improving existing functionality, in particular around keyboard commands and accessibility, but it also includes a new feature: Undo. We were a little nervous about assigning a keyboard shortcut to delete a field, for example, so we added Undo and Redo support to editing on entry records. The Undo stack clears when another record is selected.

Changes in this version:

  • Fixes field row display turning black when editing large fields
  • Adds support for Cut (command+X) to move entries without drag and drop
  • Allows dragging an entry in a View list or Search results (e.g. Favorites) into a category to change its category assignment
  • Adds a keyboard shortcut command+hypen for removing a selected field while editing an entry
  • Adds support for Undo (command+Z) and Redo (shift+command+Z) while editing an entry
  • Improves cut/copy/paste/delete validation
  • Updates controls with new accessibility labels and help descriptions

Mac App Store Customers:

Stop here. Do not download the Direct version linked below! Click this link on your Mac to download the update, it will take you to the Mac App Store.

Direct Customers:

If you bought Codebook from Zetetic directly (not the Mac App Store):

  1. Quit Codebook if it’s running
  2. Download the update
  3. Unzip the application if necessary
  4. Drag the Application into your Applications folder
  5. If asked, choose to Replace the previous version
  6. Launch Codebook and sign in to confirm

Please let us know how we’re doing and contact us at if you run into any issues. If you’re a Mac App Store customer, rating and reviewing the app does a lot to help support our work. Thanks!

Hi Zeteic, update done, works fine.

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