Codebook for macOS 4.4.3 Released

Codebook 4.4.3 for macOS is available now.

This release includes the addition of Context menus for the Entries and Categories lists, accessed via right click (ctrl + click). This makes common operations (Copy, Paste, Move, etc.) available via the right click menu. This build also fixes a regression in the previous build which caused the unmasked Master Password field on the login view to not always work when attempting to submit the Master Password unmasked.

Changes in this Version

  • Fixes a bug that improperly displayed the Touch ID prompt button on the Login view when the feature is disabled
  • Fixes keyboard (tab) navigation and submit behavior for the Master Password field on the Login view when the masking switch is disabled
  • Adds new context menus to the Categories and Entries list views making common operations available for selected items
  • Copying Note Entries now prefixes the text of the copied note with “Copy of …”
  • Adds an optional toolbar button for running Integrity Check