Codebook for macOS 4.4.1 Released

Codebook 4.4.1 for macOS is available now. This is a follow-up release to the major changes previously seen in 4.4.0, providing some adjustments to the attachments feature in response to user feedback and issues we were seeing ourselves. It also includes an important fix for a crash on macOS 10.12 Sierra, and a bunch of nice improvements for Touch ID users.

Changes in this Version

  • Adds a new indicator (paperclip icon) to the Entry view and Entries list when attachments are present on an Entry
  • Adds ability to copy and paste attachments on the Images view
  • Adds a new context menu for the Images view, right-click or command-click to view
  • Fixes disabled attachments thumbnail/list view selector after pasting an Entry with the Images tab selected
  • Adds improved support for login with Magic Keyboard Touch ID sensor, including in clamshell mode for laptops
  • Adds an information label to the login view when Touch ID Login is preferred but not currently available
  • Cancelling Touch ID Login no longer disables the prompt on future activations of the login view
  • Adds a new setting in Preferences to use a fixed-width font for Fields and Notes on the Entry view (finally!)
  • Adds a button to the authorization challenge prompt allowing user to review the password entered
  • Updates Integrity Check to verify internal and external database structure
  • Updates Integrity Check to log any database corruption errors to a file, available via a new View Log button when present
  • Fixes a crash that can occur on macOS 10.12 when attachments are present
  • Adjusts the Blog Post button title on the Release Notes window to More Info
  • Localizes date format and button titles on the Release Notes window
  • Updates the Version History button shown when no updates are available to display the full version history rather than just the most recent release notes