Codebook for iOS 4.4.1 Released

Codebook 4.4.1 for iOS is available now. This is a follow-up release to the major changes previously seen in 4.4.0, providing some adjustments to the attachments feature in response to user feedback and issues we were seeing ourselves. It also contains a significant number of translation updates – quite a few labels and other strings were showing up in English when they ought to have been displayed with their localized equivalents, particularly on the Getting Started and Settings views. We’re always looking for more translation feedback, so if we’ve got something wrong in your language please let us know (Codebook for iOS supports French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese).

This release does not change compatibility requirements, version 4.4.1 can sync with version 4.4.0 and higher without issue.

Changes in this Version

  • Adds a new indicator (paperclip icon) to the Entry view when attachments are present on an Entry
  • Adds support for importing image attachments from the clipboard
  • Fixes crash that could occur first time attempting to add attachment from camera and permission hasn’t been granted yet
  • Fixes missing translations on the Settings view
  • Fixes missing translations on the Getting Started screens
  • Updates Integrity Check to verify internal and external database structure
  • Updates Integrity Check to log any database corruption errors to a file, available via a new View Log button when present
  • Adds a Learn More button to the Integrity Check results view that opens the Integrity Check Help page
  • Adds translations for Home Screen shortcut menu items
  • Adds translations for device capability permission prompt descriptions
  • Adds translations for Journal tab in Italian and Japanese

Thank you, easy download and works fine. As usual: your team is just great.
Best regards
Franz Meier