Feature Request: Category exclusion from search

Since I keep records of canceled accounts, previous versions of projects, etc in Codebook, a feature I’d find very useful would be to be able to exclude categories from the search function so that old versions don’t flood the search results when I’m looking for the most recent iteration of a record. It could be a flag at the category level, activated by a toggle in the “edit category” dialog.

Just a thought!

I agree with this idea. I have long wanted the ability to archive things and not have them show up in normal searches. I think this would serve the purpose.

Hey @lwetzel and @pbabcock , thanks so much for your feature request. It is an interesting request and one we feel might be useful to other users as well so we created a ticket for it and will look into it more after we get the new Auto-Sync feature we are currently working on released. I can’t give you any sort of time table on this but please know that we will certainly discuss it internally and make a decision in the future. Please feel free to write us about any other features that you feel might make Codebook even better.


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