Export Individual Category

Feature suggestion: allow individual categories to be exported.

Case: I am one of those knuckleheads who get involved with community organizations, bring them into the current century, technology-wise; then get bored and move on to another one. In this, I end up with a passel of passwords that I need to pass on to whoever is the stuckee for maintaining the change. The information I need to pass is invariably stored under the organization’s own category in Codebook. Being able to just export a single category would make transferring these to them much, much easier… As I’m currently retiring from my day job, I’ll likely be doing this more often than before, making this a “feature of interest” going forward!

Thanks for your consideration!

Hey @pbabcock
Thanks for contacting us about Codebook and also for your feature suggestion. This is also something we have discussed internally at times but there are some other features that are ahead in the priority list. We do have the “auto-sync” feature listed as one of the next big additions to Codebook and then some sort of feature that will allow a user to select certain categories or Entries to send to a trusted user but we don’t have that particular feature worked out yet. I will say that if you have one of the desktop apps, you can set the category you want to export, set each entry as a “Favorite” and then do a File->Export Favorites and save the file as a Plain-Text file. Any other questions, you can reach us at support@zetetic.net.


Yes, that is precisely how I’ve been doing it. Very tedious going to each to click the star, then, after export, going back through to deselect it. Hence the suggestion :slight_smile: