Feature Request - Depreciated / Archived Entries

I’d like to suggest that there be some method of marking entries as archived / inactive or otherwise depreciated. I don’t usually delete old entries (hey, ya never know), but would like to have some method of preventing those entries from being found in searches, but yet retained somehow. Perhaps a special category, or a flag on a category, to hold these entries? Or even a flag of some kind on an individual entry?


I agree with this. Would be nice to some way to archive. I have a reviewed field in all my entries so they can them periodically but that means I need to clear them all individually when I start the audit. Would be nice to have the ability to clear those en-mas to start a new audit.

Hey guys, thanks very much for this feedback, we really appreciate it!

An Archive feature is something we’d like to add as well. We’ve had some discussions about it before and we’ll bring it up again soon. I can’t confirm any plans for it right now, as we have a few other things in the works, but it’s on our radar.

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