Can't download SQLCipher for Android via Free trial

I requested free trial and got a link for downloading SQLCipher packages.
There are two packages for android

  • SQLCipher for Android
  • SQLCipher for Android (legacy)
    But only the second (legacy) link is available.

When I clicked the first link, I can see these error messages

We’re Sorry
Account unauthorized to download this product
If you feel you’ve received this message in error, please request a new link here:

Is only the legacy package available for free trial?

Hi @Jerry_Jeon

Thank you for the report, I’m sorry for the issue. We have address the behavior and you should be able to request a new download for the customer download portal. Would you give that a try and let us know your results?

Thank you,

@developernotes Hello @developernotes, It works well for now. Thanks for fixing it!

Hi @Jerry_Jeon

Great, thanks for the update, we are happy to hear it is working well for you now.