Change sqlite database path to external storage

Dear all
i am developing app that has its sqltite database on external storeage, so i use SQLCipher to protect my database with password. it works fine and the app work and the db is protected, but when i get the db file to open it with Sqlite Studio it doens’t work although i enter the correct password.

Hi @Ultimate_Egypt

With the the release of SQLCipher 4 [1], changes including the new page size of 4096, 256,000 KDF iterations, use of PBKDF2-HMAC-SHA512 and HMAC-SHA512 all modify important database settings. Thus, SQLCipher 4 will not open older databases by default. Sqlite Studio may not contain support for interfacing with SQLCipher 4 database files.

The DB Browser for SQLite nightly builds contain support for opening the new SQLCipher 4 database file formats. You can access those builds for both macOS and Windows here [2]. Would you give that a try and let us know your results?