Cipher details unknown


How do i find out what cipher details were used to encrypt the database and what version of sqlcipher was used.

A couple of years a ago, the company i work for had a few apps developed by another app dev agency. the agency has gone bankrupt and is closed.

But before closing down, we were given copies of our database and the passwords used to encrypt them. but they don’t seem to work.

I am sure the passwords are correct but I am not sure what cipher and encryption parameters were used and what version of sqlcipher was used.

How do I find out these details?

Hi @bhirani

The easiest approach given this situation is to attempt to perform a one-time in place upgrade of the database file. You can do this by executing pragma cipher_migrate after providing the password to the database. SQLCipher will then attempt migrate the database file to the latest default settings and file format. This will only work if the database was created using standard SQLCipher settings.

Thanks, that worked.

Hi @bhirani

Great, we are happy to hear that worked. Take care!