Codebook 4.2.1 leaving button on screen

Running Codebook on a Windows 10 system (1909 18363.900) leaves a persistent small “Codebook” banner on top left of my screen. It exists on all screens that I open, regardless of app or program. It is not an active button, but looks like a button.

I will try to post a screen shot of my desktop screen

I’ve seen the same issue but it has disappeared. I don’t know what prompted it. Win10 2004 now Codebook but maybe earlier. Sorry I don’t remember when it first appeared.

Hi @harnadem, @Dan_Danz

We have received reports of this rogue tooltip display in the past. Unfortunately, we’ve been unable to reproduce it in a controlled environment to allow for further debugging. When it has appeared for others, fully closing the application via the File → Exit Application and restarting Codebook has removed the tooltip. If you happen to consistently reproduce it, we would love to hear the details!

I will try what you suggest, and will keep an eye on the problem. Thank you