Codebook for iOS 3.6.4 Released - Google Drive API Update


The latest version of Codebook for iOS updates the Google Drive API and improves the usability of the frequently used fields by moving them up directly into the field editor (so you can directly select one without having to go to separate screen). We’ve found this adjustment very useful for fields we find ourselves reusing all the time – email addresses for example.

This update also includes improvements to importing data from Codebook Lite. Previously importing data from Codebook Lite would replace your data in Codebook with that from Codebook Lite. We’ve received feedback from users that had data in both Codebook and Codebook Lite, so the import now merges your Codebook Lite data into your existing Codebook data (if any is present).

Since we haven’t posted an updated discussion post for the last few minor version updates of Codebook, the changes in those versions are also listed below.

Changes in this version (3.6.4):

  • Fixes incorrect biometric authentication name displaying for Face ID on Settings screen
  • Improves German translations (Thanks Peter M.)
  • Fixes “contact support” email being improperly dismissed in certain scenarios
  • Updates Google Drive API
  • Displays frequently used fields suggestions within field edit screen
  • Adjusts advanced password generator options layout
  • Improves import from Codebook Lite

Changes in 3.6.3:

  • Adds Password Review feature for checking
  • Adds embedded Release Notes (accessible via [More] > Settings > Release Notes)
  • Fixes AutoLock Timer issue on iOS 9
  • Fixes left margin indent on entry name field during editing
  • Fixes crash related to URL parsing in AutoFill

Changes in 3.6.2:

  • Fixes incorrect “invalid password” error when password field on login view is unmasked
  • Improvements to error handling in store view when products are unavailable
  • Improvements to layout on store view

Changes in 3.6.1:

  • Full support for iOS 12
  • New Password AutoFill support
  • New Free Trial mode
  • Fixes Search view animation bug when returning to search results from a selected result
  • Fixes failure to properly reschedule Sync reminder notification after a successful sync
  • Fixes biometric authentication name referenced on Touch ID and Face ID errors when either becomes unavailable (no more “(null)”)
  • Fixes not removing section header in partitioned entries list when deleting last entry in last section of table


Visit this link on your iOS device to download Codebook from the iTunes App Store.


As always, please let us know if you’re having a problem with the software or have any feedback. If you like Codebook and you’re pleased with our progress, please consider giving us a rating or a review in the iTunes App Store, they help quite a bit!

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