Codebook for iOS 4.3.2 Released

Alongside today’s update of Codebook for macOS, we’ve also got an update available for iOS! Version 4.3.2 features a number of bug fixes, as well as usability and accessibility improvements. Tap this link on your iOS device to view the update in the App Store.

Changes in This Version

Sync Improvements

  • Adds a “Need Help?” button to the Sync view when WiFi sync fails to make a connection after 10 seconds
  • Fixes improperly updating the last sync date when canceling sync

Accessibility Improvements

  • Fixes clipping of the first paragraph of Sync Key completed screen when Display/Brightness Zoom accessibility setting is enabled (Thanks Robert K.)
  • Fixes crashes/issues related to copy/paste Entry with Speak Selection iOS Accessibility setting enabled (Thanks Robert K.)

Password Weakness Warnings Adjusted

  • Fixes improperly showing last password strength warning from Enter New Password screen on Confirm Password screen in Change Master Password (Thanks Robert K.)
  • Doesn’t show alphanumeric substitution password warnings if password is all numbers (i.e. ‘8411’ won’t show a warning for “* ball - (Alphanumeric Substitution)”, but ‘b411’ will)

Time and Date Display Improvements

  • Localizes last sync date in Sync View (Thanks Richard G.)
  • Uses 24 hour setting on device to override locale determined 12/24 hour format for displaying last sync date (i.e. if region is set to US, but 24 hour format is on, 24 hour format will be displayed) (Thanks Robert K.)
  • Time format on Recents/Favorites list cells now properly respect device’s 24 hour setting (if device locale is set to a region which typically uses 12 hour format, but the 24 hour format setting in device settings is enabled, it will be displayed as 24 hour format)