Codebook for macOS beta 4.0.2 - Bug Fixes

This build fixes multiple edge case bugs along with fixing the Sync Key QR Code and camera preview not properly displaying on older macOS’s. Additionally it resolves Secret Agent displaying the improper search results when typing fast.

Changes in this version:

  • Integrity Check now reports number of affected records
  • Improve synchronization behavior on specific environments
  • Fixes out of memory crash
  • Fixes Types not properly sorted after adding new type in Entry interface
  • Fixes crash when leaving database info window open and initiating a WiFi sync
  • Fixes edge case unresponsive preference window crash
  • Fixes Sync Key scanning camera preview view not displaying on older macOS’s
  • Fixes Sync Key QR Code Image graphics rendering bug on older macOS’s
  • Fixes Secret Agent displaying incorrect results when typing quickly
  • Resolves crash when reporting an error during download files of Dropbox sync
  • Fixes release notes window being deactivated when displayed post login
  • Fixes failure to download changeset files error when syncing over WiFi
  • Adjusts the color of the sync status label in Preferences for better legibility in Light and Dark modes


You should be notified of beta updates automatically, but if not you can download the beta directly here

Another beta version has been published - 4.0.2 (797) which includes one more adjustment:

  • Fixes failure to propagate field changes when quitting Codebook with pending edits

You can use the same link above to download the latest version.

More problems. And yes, I’m up to date with 4.0.2 (build 799) on macOS Mojave and 4.0.3 (858) on iOS 13.3.1.

  1. On the desktop a single password field in a single entry has its mode magically changed to Masked after a wi-fi sync with an iPhone, an iPhone that passed its Integrity Check. Attempting a repair, I merged this single new Password label into the existing Password label using the Customize Labels… panel. But it only gets worse. The label (Password) for this newly merged field suddenly disappears after re-syncing with the iPhone. Integrity test on the desktop now identifies the label merged fields as missing their labels and changes them to Unknown with a mode of Plain Text. Correcting these Unknown labels to be Password with a mode of Password does not survive a re-sync with the iPhone. They’re changed back to Unknown. Variations of changing label names either device or and merging labels on the desktop with wi-fi syncing never result in the fields having the same labels on both devices.

  2. Customize Labels… isn’t as useful as it could be because the field counts are inaccurate and aren’t updated after a label merge. One has to close the panel and reopen it to see the new field counts, which don’t always reflect the new merged total correctly. They can be off by one.

  3. Export and Import is not a useful technique for correcting a corrupt database because the display order of the entry fields is lost. The imported fields are displayed in alphabetical order rather than their curated prior display order. This is an absolute loss when importing and exporting large amounts of data. Entry meta-data like icon file name and favorite status is exported with each entry and used in its display after importing. Why not a display order meta-data column? Simples.
    It bears repeating that your decision to drop the overwrite and restore sync options leaves people with NO viable options for restoring corrupt databases short of deleting apps from phones and munging undocumented database structures in ~/Library.

Sheesh. This 4.0 migration has been nothing but hours of wasted time beta testing what used to be a stable app.

Hello @JFS - I’m sorry for the continued trouble. We will try to reproduce the behavior you are seeing on point 1, and will see if we can make the customize label feature update after merge.

With regard to point 3, we are actively working on implementing a way to more easily restore data from a master copy in a future release without resorting to import/export or messing around with the underlying application storage.

Export-Import would do the trick for desktop restoration from a master if the displayed label order wasn’t dropped in the export process.

Hi @JFS your suggestion about encoding the ordering in the CSV output is an interesting one that could certainly improve the functionality, we’ll discuss that. We also want to provide a way to restore data from a master copy which isn’t a desktop (i.e. mobile). We’re hoping this will address various needs that people have, between data cleanup, recovery, etc. We will keep you posted we’re working very hard on this now.