Codebook Icons: Accepting New Requests!


Codebook has an extensive set of icons bundled with each build of the application that are used to decorate your records (your accounts, your passwords, your secure private information), making them easy to distinguish and ideally to make the app pleasing to the eye and nice to use.

There are currently 150 of them, which isn’t quite enough. They are also a little old, a little fuzzy on the high resolution devices we are all more typically using these days, and some of them perhaps could use a little re-imagining. Finally, we’re sensitive to the criticisms some of our customers have had over the last few years over the aesthetic style of the current set. This is not to put them down, they’ve served us well and helped Codebook to stand out from other password managers.

Whether you’re a critic or not, I think you’ll be excited to hear we’ve just begun a project with Icon Factory to refurbish the entire set in a brand new style and add 50 new icons to the set. Icon Factory did a fantastic job with Codebook’s app icon and we’re really excited that they’ll be doing the artwork for the new and improved set (you might have seen their work around!)

To that end: we’re currently going through old requests and ideas and coming up with new ones which we’ll winnow down to a final set of fifty. We’d like to hear from you as well—is there some missing icon, or a type of account that lacks a metaphor in the current set? Please let us know, reply with any suggestions below.


Having stock icons are great…but using the favicon for sites would be preferred. It matches their brand exactly and it can change as needed.


@ddally Thanks for the suggestion. Associating website favicon images with an entry and displaying it as the icon is a neat idea, but would require a bit of rejiggering of how things currently work. We’ll keep it in mind as we go forward!


Thanks so much for the idea to change the Codebook icons. Icons representing the specific brand by means of typing in the specific website address, would really be great. This feature to change the icons are long overdue, and I’m really glad that this is now finally gonna be done.
Great work everyone, keep it up!!


Gun / ray gun, airplane, train, bus, taxi, major transit logos (NY Metro, SF BART), a way to drag a jpeg or png logo onto a window which will change it to an icon, maybe even an online icon library where people can submit non-copyrighted icons?

One more thing. Would be nice to search, multiple select, then replace icons en masse.


It would be great to see icons representing most of the social media accounts, like Facebook, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, BBM, Twitter, Instagram, WordPress, Pinterest & Meetup.
But as I said in one of my previous posts, the perfect icon will be represented by the website that’s typed in, similar to what 1Password & Dashlane is doing, when it comes to having an icon for a specific login.


Would like to see more options for shopping icons that represent the stuff you buy online from specialty retailers: wine, beer, food, shoes, etc…


Great work, finally icons look like Windows XP! Are completely ignoring material design everyone adopted few years ago. Maybe it’s worth to allow us to use custom icon packs? Too soon?