Post Your New Icon Ideas

We love new icon ideas, and we just recently contracted a great designer to make us a whole bunch of new ones based on our customers’ suggestions. So don’t be left out, let us know what we’re missing and we’ll do our best to hook it up.

Zatetic logo
Strip logo
Apple logo (or an apple)
Cable Companies
Dropbox logo
you Tube
letters A-Z
numbers 0-20
Go Daddy
Group of people
Two people
Keys - at least 8 different key colors
Locks - different options
Star of David

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Would like to see following icons: (Great ones in last icon update.)

RV Travel Trailer
Harley Symbol (Probably can’t because of copyright)

Thanks, Jack

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I like the flat look of the icons; very modern.

A bit of time has passed on this, but allow me to add a couple suggestions as of 6 Feb 2016:

  • a “license” icon
  • a “certificate” icon
  • a “keypad” icon, as in one of those security devices that you sometimes see on doors
  • a cylindrical “database” icon
  • a “code” icon, like </> etc
  • a “password” entry icon, like [***]
  • a “binary” icon, like [0101]
  • an icon of one of those 3-number suitcase dial locks, where you set the combination with your thumb [116]
  • an icon showing a security camera
  • a webcam icon
  • a ringing bell icon
  • a flashing police light icon
  • a camera icon
  • a flashlight icon
  • a zoom icon
  • an eye icon

And by all means, when we set an icon for the category, it would be great if you could allow us to set the icons of all the category’s members recursively, with a checkbox or somesuch.