New icon requests thread


Over on our post about Codebook 4 an interesting discussion came up in the replies about image handling and the possibility of a custom icons feature. We’re not committing to that at the moment, but we are taking requests for new icons, and there are some good suggestions in that thread. Is something missing from the current icon set that you’d really like to see added? Please let us know. Feel free to reply below or email us directly at


Codebook for macOS 3.7.6 Released

Hi Everyone! I have more than 300 records stored in Codebook. Due to the current icon set, it’s really difficult to find icons for some of my records. I would really like to see icons for the following services:
• Dropbox
• Box
• eBay
• Evernote
• Firefox
• Fly Buys
• Instagram
• Netflix
• Opera Browser
• WhatsApp
• Yahoo
• Yelp
• YouTube
• Zetetic
• Zoho
• 1Password
• Gmail
• ProtonMail
• PayPal
• Bitwarden
• Dashlane
• Enpass
• LastPass

I would really like to see icons for the above services. There are so many records of mine, that’s difficult to find icons for, so I’m leaving the design of new icons up to you.

I sincerely thank you in advance.

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Thanks for these suggestions, Mornay!