We need additional relate icons for services

is there a plan to add icons for current services to make the app more intuitive, for instance, Gmail doesn’t have an icon

Hi @arievu, thanks for using Codebook and posting to the forum!

We would definitely like to add more icons, and do another round of spiffing up some existing ones (i.e. the G+ icon is out of date now, but could be repurposed to Gmail). We generally contract out to have these designed in batches, it’s something we do periodically. At the moment we’re working on some other things while keeping track of customer requests for more icon ideas and metaphors. I’ll make sure that Gmail is on that list, but please let us know what other services you use (or types of icons, if you’d rather not say) that could use a better icon than what we’ve got in the current set!

I think it’s a mistake to try to include an icon for very specific services, even if they are popular. Gmail is a good example. Yes, almost everyone has a Gmail account, so everyone will find the icon useful. But on the other hand, that icon will only ever get used for that ONE service, and nothing else. Wouldn’t it be better to have icons that can be used for many different services?

It might be nice if users could insert their own custom icon graphics, if none of the existing icons make sense for a service. I find myself wishing I had this for all the various shopping sites I want to record passwords for. There’s a generic “shopping bag” icon, and a generic “shopping cart” icon, but that’s all. Not much variation to help break up the sea of accounts, or to make them more specific: Clothes shopping, electronics shopping, etc.

Just thinking out loud. I don’t really have a solution.