Codebook stopped working in Windows


Codebook suddenly won’t load on my desktop. OS is Windows 10. It had worked just fine until today (June 21) but after entering the password it crashes. Needless to say the backup is a little out of date so what is on my phone is not complete. Is there anything obvious (I already restarted the computer) that I might be overlooking?

I still have an email with a paragraph long license key from late 2013. If that is still good, is it worth the effort to uninstall and reinstall the program?


Hi @Bob_Weinheimer

I’m sorry to hear about the issue you are seeing. Would you open the following folder within Windows Explorer and let us know if you have any files there?

%APPDATA%\Zetetic LLC\Strip\crashes

If files exist, would you email the latest file (they are timestamped) to and we will take a look further? Thanks!



This was the latest I found but it appears to be several months old. There is one more from the previous day.

I can’t think of anything that I have changed recently. There was a power outage late Thursday evening but my UPS picked up until the standby generator kicked in. I don’t know if there was any sort of power spike. I’m pretty sure I used it after that. Nothing else seems to be amiss.



Hi @Bob_Weinheimer

I’m sorry, were you able to find any crash files in the %APPDATA%\Zetetic LLC\Strip\crashes folder? If so, would you mind sending them over to us at for further review? Thanks!