Codebook Updates for WIN10 not working...AGAIN!

Gonna try not to get kicked out of the forum for being pissed off at this software and it’s @#$%^^&&***( updates! Like clockwork, whenever there’s an update for WIN10 desktop version of Codebook (I have 3.0.33 now and it’s telling me 3.0.34 is available now!) it never installs. It is telling me…"…Another installation is in progress. You must complete that installation before continuing this one…" WHY? There’s nothing else installing. WHY???

Hi @IBDribbles

I’m sorry to hear that you are experiencing an issue during installation of Codebook for Windows. We have not reproduced this behavior internally, however I did find a few articles that cover specifics you can perform on your machine to address the issue. Would you try these out and let us know if it works for you?


Ok, here’s the beautiful, mysterious solution to this installation issue…nothing! After completely ignoring my computer the other day from shear frustration over this matter, I turned it on this afternoon and the Codebook update noticed flashed. Should I - yes or no? I clicked on install, it did its thing and I’m up and running the 3034 version now! How? No clue! I’ll chat back at you when 3035 comes out.

Hi @IBDribbles

Glad to hear it worked well for you this time! To note, this issue is likely local to your machine as we have not received a report of this before. Please keep us updated in case the issue arises again, and/or any results you have with the suggestions on the sites linked above. Take care!

I am having a similar issue updating to 3.0.34, but MY issue ends with a “100% complete” progress bar, followed by an error message stating that the installer certificate subject does not match the current application certificate subject. (I know I currently just re-installed an older version that I had in my Downloads folder - after refreshing Win10). Is there an easy fix for this?

Hi @newt

Would you please write into our private support at and we will provide you with the latest Windows installer that will resolve the certificate issue. Thanks!