No Software Update Link in HELP in Codebook


Why isn’t there a link in HELP for update like in most other software? Am I at the mercy of the moderators or tech support to wait several business days to get the fix to my issue?


Hi @IBDribbles, I saw that we’ve responded via direct support but for anybody who’s stopping by:

Codebook for Windows automatically checks for updates at application launch provided an Internet connection is available.

Codebook for macOS is a little more complicated, as there are effectively two different versions:

The Mac App Store version of Codebook is distributed through that store, and is updated by the store services on your Mac when new updates are released. To check that automatic updates are enabled, see Apple menu > System Preferences > App Store and adjust your settings accordingly. To see if this version of Codebook is up-to-date launch the App Store app on your Mac, click Purchased, then click on Codebook.

If you are using the version of Codebook for macOS that we sell on our website and distribute directly from our own servers (we call this the direct or independent build) you can use the app’s built-in software update check. Launch Codebook on your Mac and select “Check for Updates…” from the Codebook application menu at the top of your screen. You can also enabled automatic update checks by going to Codebook menu > Preferences > General and turning on the setting, “Automatically check for updates.”


It’s doing it again!!! Gonna try not to get kicked out of the forum for being pissed off at this software and it’s @#$%^^&&***( updates! Like clockwork, whenever there’s an update for WIN10 desktop version of Codebook (I have 3.0.33 now and it’s telling me 3.0.34 is available now!) it never installs. It is telling me…"…Another installation is in progress. You must complete that installation before continuing this one…" WHY? There’s nothing else installing. WHY???


Hi @IBDribbles

I have responded to your separate posting here: