Downloading Codebook for macOS - Problems with the Mac App Store


Can you update the mac pgk on your website. It’s not helping that the there are issues on Mojave and the App Store

Hi there,

I’m not sure I understand; we have updated Codebook for macOS on our website! You can get the latest installer here.

There are actually two different distributions of Codebook for macOS:

  • What we call “the Direct build” that is distributed on our website
  • The version distributed in the Mac App Store

Please let us know if we can be of further help.

The version on the website seems to be 4.0.2(800)

We just double-checked (again) and the website is providing version 4.1.0 (820).

We have seen some folks report this, and it turned out they were running Codebook 4.0.2 on their Mac while also running the installer package for the new version. Thus, the new version wouldn’t show up until they quit Codebook and launched it again. Do you think that could be the case for you as well?

yep. thats it. Thanks.

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Similar issue here with Apple’s App Store for a 10.11 El Capitan desktop system.

The App Store knows I’ve bought Codebook and shows v. 4.1.0 as current and compatible, but there’s no update available to me — so something’s broke.

Is it advisable for App Store customers to update with Zetetic’s direct build package? I had the notion that this caused licensing problems…

Hi @jtclayton, sorry about that, it seems there were some problems with the Mac App Store last week that prevented the update from being listed for some customers even though it was actually available in the store. I’ve had some success asking customers to click this link on their Mac, it should take you into the App Store app, and show you Codebook’s App Store page (along with the version number 4.1.0). Could you give that a shot and let me know what you end up seeing in the App Store app?

If you see a “View in Mac App Store” button, click on it.

If it works correctly, you should see this:

If we can’t get the App Store to resume updating Codebook for you we can switch you over to the direct version pretty easily.

Please let me know if that helps!

Thanks for the reply!

The problem is still the problem. The Mac App Store does not believe that it has any updates for me, although I’m logged with the same account that bought Codebook. We go back a ways:

Of course, the iPhone silently updated to 4.1, but I’m at version 4.0.2 on the desktop right now:


The App Store doesn’t offer to update my desktop from the product page. The choices are (1) Open the app locally (2) Copy a page link, the same one you provided (3) “Tell a Friend”:


The App Store is consistent, anyway. Checking for updates finds none available to me. I would have guessed it’s because my OS is too old, except that you’re telling me I qualify…

I don’t mind parting ways with the App Store, but it seems like it should not be giving Codebook users a hard time with updates?

Hi @jtclayton, sorry about that; I’ve got one more thing to try if you haven’t already, as this has also helped some folks having this problem:

  1. Launch the App Store app on your Mac
  2. Select the Store menu in the menu bar and select Sign Out
  3. Reboot your Mac
  4. Launch the App Store app again and sign back in (under the Store menu if you’re not prompted)

At that point, can you an Install or Update button for Codebook in the App Store app?

I don’t mind parting ways with the App Store, but it seems like it should not be giving Codebook users a hard time with updates?

One would like to think! Seems like there’s been some uncommon blips with the iOS and Mac App Stores in recent days affecting a large number of developers. Hopefully that’s all it is and we can get automatic updates to resume without so much trouble :slight_smile:

< Sign out of the store / reboot / sign in to the store > did the trick.

Codebook 4.10 showed up in the App Store, updated Codebook, and logged the update with Apple just as if someone intended it.

I guess that indicates where the problem lies. Thanks for the assist!

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