Codebook Use Case

So, I have a new company and since I really like Codebook I’m hoping to be able to use it for a support team to secure sensitive data for clients and company.

I suspect that Codebook isn’t a good fit. Every user would use the same account for sync and I don’t think there’s an easy way to revoke access to a person should the need arise or to centrally manage user(s). There’s also not a business use pricing for this, just individual seats.

Thanks guys!

Thanks for reaching out about Codebook. So, in this might not be a good fit for Codebook, especially with the questions of revoking access if the need arises and you don’t actually control the users device. As far as pricing, we do offer some discounted pricing for multiple license purchases but you would need to contact us via the support inbox at


If an employee leaves your company why would you not simply change the master password and circulate it to the remaining employees? It is surely the same as when a key technician who has access to all your systems leaves.

You would need to change the Sync Key as that’s what’s used to encrypt your synced data. That would work for revoking access to anything newly synced, but wouldn’t remove the Codebook data present locally on the previous employees device.

Fair comment. I wonder whether any other comparable software product would solve that problem.

Yes, there’s a couple. But they’re clunky IMHO compared to how I like using Codebook. They give you an admin portal that allows you to manage users on your “team” and the ability to revoke a user or set, based on group, permissions on who can access a shared folder (like client logins, or accounting info…etc). I was asking just on the off chance something was in future plans. Thanks!

Hi @TheMadCow and @LDCR - the way many of those types of systems work is by storing the secret data centrally and then allowing users to view it. This is architecturally different than the way Codebook works where all data is encrypted locally on device using a strong key specific to the device. This makes it very difficult to revoke access, because the data is encrypted in the users possession. We do have long term plans to support sharing of data between users to facilitate teamwork and family sharing, but revoking access would basically just stop sharing.

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That’s pretty much what I thought it was. I was just wishful thinking and not wanting to switch to another PW, at least for work.

Thans for the reply.


Probably stretching here, but would there be support for multiple teams / families? Or at least 1 team and 1 family? :pray:

Hi @hiwaybk, yes we’re going to try hard to make sharing flexible so you can have different accounts shared with different groups of people. This is really still a ways of but that is our intent.

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