Sharing a Database between many users

Is it possible to have one database used by multiple people? The db file would be on a shared network location and the password would be shared between them. These people may also have their own private STRIP db. (We haven’t upgraded to Codebook yet and are still using

Would they need two installs of STRIP to do that?

Hello @secmgr

While you can setup a synchronization with a local folder on the desktop versions of Codebook (File → Preferences), this would require you to map a network drive to accomplish this. That said, the database is still local to the user account on the machine that Codebook is running, this would only provide a network accessible backup. In order to share that data, they would need to maintain the same master password.

I’m ok with them sharing the master password. We have a set of passwords that are administered and shared out by Group A who does not use them. People in Group B do, and must ask someone (anyone) in Group A for the password they need. For this use case, a shared password database with a single password would be equivalent to what we’re doing now (but with paper).

Everyone in Group A, though, also has their own set of individual unshared passwords and need to have their own databases.

For the first use case, a shared db file on the network would work. But Group A needs to have another personal db file. Can you run STRIP and pass the db file as a command line parameter, or change the db file from within STRIP, or anything like that so that people in Group A can choose which db file to access?

Hello @secmgr

Unfortunately Codebook does not have a mechanism to switch between database sources so the mechanical aspect of this approach could prove to be difficult. We plan to add support for partial sharing of data in a future version of Codebook. This will require large changes to our synchronization approach, unfortunately I am unable to comment on when this will be available.

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+1 for simple sharing. Even the password-protected PDF-based sharing that was present in the iOS app (not any longer?) would be better than nothing.