Multiple Databases


Is it possible to have multiple databases in Codebook?

A couple of motivations:

  1. One database for personal records and a separate database for professional-related records. Separating these records is kind of important since the professional ones should not be available to spouse, kids, etc.

  2. Separate data bases for records with different security requirements. For example, records that should be kept secure but are not all that critical - loyalty program logins, credentials for various blogs, etc. Other records must be kept very secure - financial accounts, etc. I would like separate databases and master passwords for these.

I can imagine a few ways that this could work:

  1. When you start Codebook, it connects to your default database but there is a menu for opening other databases (while supplying the additional password).

  2. When you start Codebook, it asks which database you want. This approach is a little less friendly since cut and paste between databases would be harder.



Multiple databases in Codebook would be a handy feature and we could certainly build it in, however as alluded to in a related thread, we think it’s best first to establish a sync system that can better support this feature as well as meet some other needs our customers have (like automatic background sync.) From there we’ll go on to address sharing and the interfaces that make it easiest to manage while keeping it secure.


Progress on this feature request (multiple databases) appears to be tied to progress on the feature request for shared databases (Sharing databases) which appears to be waiting on creating a new sync system.

  1. Do you agree that these two features should be implemented at the same time?
  2. I know you cannot make hard commitments, but are these two features, multiple databases and shared databases, in your future development plans?