Sync creates two databases on same gmail drive


We use Codebook on several computers and phones (both iphone and android). However, for one computer, Codebook is creating another folder on the synced gmail drive - leading to two folders with two different databases. Both folders carry the same names (Zetetic). Obviously, those two databases do not sync together.

How would it be possible to force Codebook to use only one database per gmail account?

Kind regards

Hello @bfp169

I’m sorry to hear about the behavior you are experiencing. Codebook will only use the Google Drive account that you have authorized Codebook to interface with

Are you using Codebook on the desktop as well as Android and iOS devices? Do you know if any one of your devices, or computers have their data completely up to date with any changes you have made on Codebook elsewhere? If you are up to date, you should be able to delete both Zetetic folders on Google Drive, then initiate a new synchronization from the device to Google Drive that is up to date. Finally, initiate a synchronization with Google Drive from other devices. Would you give that a try and let us know your results? Thanks!