Codebook hangs up at 90%

Codebook hangs up at 90% when syncing laptop to Google Drive. It works fine on my ios devices. It also hangs up syncing my laptop to Dropbox. No problem syncing Codebook from my laptop to a local folder.

Hey @DanTaylor1941

Thanks for using Codebook and posting to the discussion forum, although I’m sorry to hear about the trouble with sync on your laptop.

I have a few questions to get us started with troubleshooting:

  1. Which platform/os are you running (i.e Windows 10, macOS Mojave)?
  2. What’s the size of your database? – This information can be located under File > Database Information?
  3. Could you try unlinking/relinking with one of the services and see if that makes any difference?
  4. Could you verify that your cloud accounts have adequate space for your Codebook database to upload?
  1. I’m using Windows 10.
  2. The data base is 2076 kb.
  3. I unlinked and relinked toGoogle Cloud and it continues to hang up at 90%.
  4. My Google Cloun is using 7.5 GB of 15 GB.


Thanks for the response, nothing stands out as the cause there.

Just to rule out any type of application corruption, could you uninstall/reinstall Codebook (your Codebook data is stored separately from the application installation so it will remain in place) then reboot and retry syncing?

You can re-download the latest installer here: by selecting “I already have a license”

If that doesn’t work, to rule out any firewall interference, could you try temporarily disabling your firewall/antivirus and see if that has any affect?

Let me know the results. Thanks!

The program spontaneously began syncing to Google Cloud – go figure!

Dan Taylor

Glad to hear it’s working again for you – looking back through the Google Drive status, it does appear that a few people reported issues recently, although it is strange that both Dropbox and Google Drive wouldn’t work for you.

Please feel free to reach out again if you have any further questions, issues, or feedback. Thanks!