Experiencing a Google Drive Syncing Issue with / Win 10

I’m on Codebook on a Windows 10 Home machine version 2004 build 19041.388 and I’m experiencing an odd syncing issue with Google Drive that has only started up since this version of Codebook. I am getting delays when I click the sync button in the application on the desktop. It takes several minutes for the sync window to appear and begin syncing. I have a laptop running the same OS and build and same version of Codebook and it doesn’t exhibit this issue.

The first time it happened it also caused a minor corruption in the database that had to be “fixed”.

Another symptom is that the data doesn’t always actually seem to be syncing when this occurs. The sync was completing successfully per the window but it wasn’t actually uploading the data to the server, verified by syncing back with my phone, and the new information doesn’t appear on my phone. This has happened a handful of times so far, but I just experienced the delayed sync on my desktop and this time it did actually sync properly. Really confused by this one…

@phobos512 Thanks for contacting us about Codebook and sorry to hear about the sync issue with the one Windows machine. It sounds like there might be an issue with the sync state on that machine or with Google Drive. Can you contact us via our support system (support@zetetic.net) so I can give you some detained instructions on how to resolve this issue, thanks!