Codebook Google Drive Sync Timing Out (Windows 10)

I’m running on Windows 10. After authorizing Codebook in GSuite, I’m redirected to http://localhost at a random high numbered port, which either times out, or hangs indefinitely. End result is that the sync does not complete.

I cleared out my browser’s cache, and tried putting in rules in Windows Firewall to allow traffic from Codebook inbound and outbound.

Hi @pkunkra

We are looking into this issue and plan to have a fix available soon. In the interim, would you check to see if you are able to synchronize with Google Drive anyway? Codebook should have received the appropriate token. I have removed your screenshot as it displayed the access token, you may also want to select the Unlink button from File → Preferences and initiate a synchronization again which will generate a new access token. Would you let us know if you are able to synchronize? Thanks!

Synchronization does not work.

Hello @pkunkra

I apologize for the delay in response. I’m sorry to hear you were unable to authenticate again with Google Drive. We have not received any other reports of this issue yet. We have a fix in place for this issue and will be releasing a new version of Codebook for Windows soon.

Ok, it’s working fine now since I’ve updated to Thanks!

Hi @pkunkra

Thanks for the follow up, we are happy to hear everything is working for you again. Take care!

I just purchase the casebook window version and try to sync from iphone to window 10. A usb cable is directly connect between iphone and the window 10 desk computer. I’m redirected to http://localhost at a default high numbered port, which hangs indefinitely. End result is that the sync does not complete. But I have not problem using google storage for the sync.

The casebook is and SQLCipher version 3.4.1. The IOS 11.2.1


You don’t need to connect your usb cable between your iPhone and your Windows 10 computer to sync via Desktop WiFi.

Could you try following the steps here: Getting Started with Sync under “Desktop WiFi Sync” if you’d like to sync via WiFi.

Let us know if this allows you to complete a sync. Thanks!