Codebook sync with Windows 10 (FAQ readed and double checked)


Good Morning Guys,

can anybody help me, please?

I updated my computer (clean install) from Windows 7 to latest version of Windows 10 (Pro (64bit) if that important).

New installation of Codebook incl. activation runs smooth and without problems. I use in general the Wifi Sync. But I get a lot of trouble with that.

Sync starts and progress bar appears (until 90% I assume), but stops with an error message on Windows side (network connection error).

Steps I allready done:

Windows restarted (sereval times), use Admin account.
Restart Codebook App on iphone (iOS 10.2.1), restart complete iPhone
Change (Windows) network connection from public to home
Disable Windows Firewall
Disable Windows Defender (build in at Win10)
Disable Kaspersky Scanner
Restart Router (FritzBox 7390)
Read FAQ and searching in this forum

… running now out of ideas and hope somebody have some more tips, please. Crazy thing for me is, with Windows 7 (same computer, same iPhone, same network) it runs perfect. Changed to Windows 10 and have the issue “network error” at the end of the sync proccess.

It will be great is there an idea I can try.

best regards


Hello @magnusho

Thank you for writing us with regard to Codebook, although I’m sorry to hear about the issue you are seeing.

It can be very difficult to troubleshoot network issues due to the large number of variables involved, but there are definitely a few things we can try here. We’ve written up a short set of common troubleshooting instructions here:

Would you mind giving some of the suggestions in this document a try, and let us know what you find?

If none of these options work, it might be worthwhile to use Dropbox or Google Drive to sync your data, as it bypasses many of the common issues with WIFI synchronization. Here is a brief document that explains how to sync via alternate methods.



thank you for your response. As I wrote, I read your FAQ very carefully and tried allready following steps:

Furthermore I de-activated the IPv6 connection and use only IPv4.
(Image Removed)

No Firewall, no Windows Defender, No Virus-Scanner…

That is the result
(Image Removed)

What is strange for me, the Codebook App closed immediately when the error message appears. It seems, that the codebook app have a problem? But that cannot be, because I did not change anything on my iPhone… I changed my computer (OS only) from Win7 to Win10.

Do you have any ideas, please

best regards


Hi @magnusho,

Thanks for the further details, we should have a recommendation for you shortly. I’ve removed the 2 screenshots that included sensitive information. If you would, please change the password that was included in the screenshot as soon as possible.



Hi Micah,

you are great! Thank you! I changed the passwort! Thank you for keeping an eye on me!



Hello @magnusho

I noticed it appears Kaspersky is still running, but in a paused state from the screenshot you provided. Would it be possible to fully shut down all Kaspersky software, just to rule out any interplay that may be occuring? Also, are you attempting a restore or synchronization of your data over WiFi? Do both operations exhibit the same behavior?



thank you for your prompt response.

To be sure, I deinstalled Kaspersky and deactivated Windows Defender (its activated automatically after I de-install Kaspersky). Nothing is change, same error message (network error).

I have the strong feeling that something is wrong with the app, because the app closed without any notification.

I checked the Diag and usage report at my iphone

Is there a chance to sent you one of the reports to you? There are a lot of “cryptical” information in…



P.S.: It does make no difference if I used Sync or restore or override. Same result…



have somebody an idea, please?

I tried out to sync via Dropbox. This works fine but I did not want to have my database on a cloud.

WiFi sync still does not work. I my opinion the iOS app crash (closed and I have an entry in the diagnose protocoll). Is there an option to sent you the crash details?

best regards


Hello @magnusho

I apologize for the delay in response. We would be happy to review the crash log. Below are the steps to access them from Windows. Crash logs will be transferred to Windows when you synchronize your iPhone with iTunes.

  1. Plug in your device and sync your iPhone with iTunes.
  2. Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the following directory:
%appdata%\Apple Computer\Logs\CrashReporter\MobileDevice\<DeviceName>\Retired

In the above path, <DeviceName> will correspond with your iPhone. Once you locate the crash file(s) in the directory above, would you please send them to us at Thanks!


Great! Thank you for your support.

I sent an email with 5 crash logs to

It will be great to hear from you soon.

best regards