Operation timing out on Sync

New PC. New download of Codebook. Had to go with 14 day trial due to no lic number - see below. Signed in both iPhone and laptop. Initiated sync. WiFi same for laptop and phone. Note at top of screen: “5% sending our protocol version”. Each try Sync times out. Error message: “The operation couldn’t be completed. Operation timed out.”

Additional info: Purchased Codebook before version 3.6.0. Therefore no lic number available that I can find. Receipt states exempt from use of in-app purchases to unlock codebook features.
Bundle ID: net.zetetic.Strip Receipt 890 Original version: 2.0.3 Could this be why will not complete sync? Help!!
And please answer as if I am completely tech stupid - I am.

Hello @Tenny117

Thank you for your support of Codebook, although I’m sorry to hear about the troubles with local WiFi sync. Can you confirm the version of Codebook you have installed on both iOS and Windows, just to rule out a version issue?

In Codebook for iOS, login and navigate to the Settings screen within the app, you can find Settings as a tab at the bottom, or possibly within the list under the More tab depending on how your tabs are configured. When you tap settings, the version number is displayed as a series of numbers to the right of the Codebook logo.

In Codebook for Windows, login and navigate to the Help → About menu item of the main window, the version number will be displayed directly below the Codebook logo, to the right of the wording “Codebook for Windows”.

Next, let’s confirm Codebook for Windows is configured to sync over your local WiFi network. Again, while logged into Codebook for Windows, select the File → Preferences menu, then click on the Sync tab. Verify the Desktop WiFi option is selected. If not, please select that option from the list and click OK. If Desktop WiFi wasn’t previously selected, would you try initiating a sync again from Codebook for iOS and let us know your results?

Windows version: IOS/App: 4.1.0 (890)
Desktop wifi has always been selected since trying to sync

Hi @Tenny117

Thank you for getting back to us. Since you are seeing issues with WiFi sync, would you try the suggestions posted here to see if they resolve your issue and let us know your results?

Guidance very clear…Completed as directed:
Enable WiFi Sync on the Desktop Y
Desktop Codebook is currently running on the Desktop and you are logged in Y
Are you running the Windows firewall Temp Disabled
virus protection software Temp Disabled
VPN Temp Disable = Outside my wheelhouse to know how to disable on W10
made sure computer name on mobile app sync screen was accurate
moved closer to router to ensure strength of connection
ensured same wifi version connection because we have two versions

After above - First try - in same area as initial tries but with disables - sync starts but continues without timeout message - just never completes. Spinning icon…
Second try: Only difference is practically on top of router - time out message returns almost immediately.


  1. What if there is a glitch in the “trial” download I had to accept to gain access on new laptop since I had to go that direction with no way to show receipt number. [started back in dark ages with STRIP ]. Maybe I should just give up and pay for the new codebook download to get rid of the “trial” version…but what if I pay and then still no results. Frustrating thought.

  2. I have a hard copy download of my info. Should I just delete the iPhone and the laptop apps and start over and see what happens? Would I lose data?

  3. Maybe I should just give up and try another password app?? I was happy with STRIP >CODEBOOK until you all initiated the backup code. Never synced since, even on my old laptop and iPhone. Gave up last September trying to sync and made sure I had the updated hard copy backup. Thought I would try again since I had new laptop. Sure hate the thought of having to start over with so much data entrry!!


Forgot to add…checked ports and found global access was indicated so did not specify the 57419. Some of this is getting beyond my comfort level if have to rectify changes. I have a clinical PhD but tech is not a strength…know enough to be a danger to my computer, LOL.

Hi @Tenny117

I’m sorry to hear the troubles continue as you attempt to sync over local WiFi, we really would like to get this addressed for you. Each Codebook version will generate a log file during the sync, it may be helpful to collect those to review what is occurring with your environment.

Codebook for Windows

  1. Login to Codebook for Windows
  2. Select the Help → About menu
  3. Click on the Codebook logo in the about window 4 time, debug mode will be enabled
  4. Select the Help → View Log Window

Codebook for iOS

  1. Login to Codebook for iOS
  2. Navigate to the Sync tab
  3. Long tap on the text Sync at the very top (a debug area should expand near the bottom of the screen)
  4. Initiate a WiFi sync

Codebook for Windows will generate log information within the log window, there is a menu item on that window to copy the content of the log to your clipboard. Additionally, Codebook for iOS should have a row titled Sync Log at the bottom which also has a copy to clipboard option. Would you mind reaching out to us at support@zetetic.net with those logs, we’d be happy to review the logs and see if we can identify what is causing the sync issue you are experiencing. Thanks!