Sharing databases

There have been several topics in the past discussing sharing a database between multiple users. The outcome has been that you are working on this feature but are not sure when it will be available. The most recent post on this is from Jan 16 (“Sharing a Database between many users”).

Can you please provide an update on progress? Can you at least give an brief summary of how it will likely work?


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Hi @radison4, thanks for asking! The first step for us is to enable automatic background sync for a user across all of their devices, and that work is happening now and has to be done for each native platform we support (Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows.) Ideally we’ll be releasing this feature in Codebook version 4. We’ll build on that work to enable sharing with other users, which is a bit more complicated from a security perspective. I can’t provide more specific details on our progress and our implementation/design plans, but sharing with other users is on our road map.

If you’re by any chance interested in beta testing new versions of Codebook please let us know. Currently we’re testing a universal build of Codebook that runs on both iPhone and iPad so our iOS customers won’t have to deal with two apps anymore.

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Big plus 1 from me on sharing. Even a once-off peer-to-peer share would be really helpful.

The last comment about progress on sharing databases in codebook was 2/21/17. Can you please update with the current status?


Hello @radison4

Thank you for your continued interest in shared database feature of Codebook. We are actively working on an auto synchronization service for Codebook to become available in a future release. Shared database support is predicated on improvements to our synchronization component. This feature set is still something we have an interest in, however I cannot offer a date for when shared databases will become available at this time. Thank you for your patience.

Just wondering, how’s this going?