Share feature in next major version?

Hi there guys.
There’s a feature I would like to see in the next major version, it’s “Entries sharing”.
It would permit me and my colleagues to securely share password and other things.
I would also like to entries to others through temporary/secure channels like It would suffice to have a “Send” button somewhere in the entry panel; that button would just copy entry fields to the clipboard, open the link and that’s it.
Is something like that on your plans?

Thank you,

Hey Mirco,
Thanks for reaching out to us about Codebook and also for your suggestions. We actually do have a “Sharing” option in out plans but not for a while as we are currently working on our “Codebook Cloud” auto-sync service. We wanted to get this implemented so that the sharing and other features could work off of this auto-sync service. The other “secure channel PW send” feature is interesting and might be something we would run off of our sync service as well, would need to see how it would work but is surely something I can bring up to the team to see if it would fit into our future plans. Please let us know if you have any other suggestions or features you might like to see in Codebook and we can certainly ticket them for internal discussion.


Got it. Thank you for replying.