Copy in one click - suggestion for enhancement


I have just converted to Strip from Safewallet, which I have been using for ages. Safewallet was excellent but is no longer supported and no longer syncs. Your converter is brilliant. It just works.

One of the best features of Safewallet is this: if you (left) click on a field, it copies the content. If you right-click on it, it reveals it, if it is masked. It is so much more congenial and efficient than Strip’s approach which requires click, scroll down, choose, click.

It would be a great enhancement, benefiting everyone on all platforms.


Hello @LDCR

Thank you for supporting STRIP, we are always glad to hear from customers. What platform are you using STRIP on if I may ask?


Sure - PC, Android and iPhone/iPad. Have just purchased all three.

Another suggestion, also from SafeWallet. It would be nice if you could double-click on a card to go into edit mode.