View and Edit improvement

I have been a STRIP user for several years and I like the application with one exception, the number of clicks needed to see my data.

After I enter my master password the Categories page is displayed. Once I open the category I see a list of passwords. When I click on an entry the page is displayed with the name of the entry and a list of fields. If I want to edit the fields I have to press the edit button. Then a different layout is displayed. Here I can change the order of the fields, add a new field, or delete the entry. But if I want to edit the existing data I have to select the field and edit it in another screen. I would like to edit the information on the same screen. Can you add that as an option?

Hi @vijer - apologies for the late response. We’d definitely like to make some improvements to the efficiency of entry editing. It would involve a major overhaul to how the views are implemented, so I can’t promise anything, but this is something we’re looking into and considering.

Another useful click-saving mechanism would be to copy the entry automatically, whether password or other, when you click on it, rather than requiring the user to click, then right-click then copy. To display a hidden password, you would right-click.
This was how Safewallet worked. Such a time-saver!


Thank you for your feedback, we will keep that in mind.