Field Entry Improvements

Just some ideas, not looking for instant fixes. Maybe some of this can be folded into the CodeBook that allows image attachments.

I use CodeBook on Windows, Mac OS and iPhone. The iPhone interface is what it is, a phone so enough said. However, there are significant differences between Mac OS and Windows and overall editing is not smooth. Specifically:

  • No Tab key functionality. Have to use the mouse. Even old websites respect the tab.
  • On Mac the add field button that seems to invite one to select a field to add. Alas, all you get is another Classification field requiring you to use a dropdown to select the field you want then type the value.
  • On Windows if you double-click a field it goes into Editing mode but it sticks you at the top field, not at the one you double-clicked.
  • On Mac if you double-click a field it does nothing, you have to click Edit then double-click the field.
  • No template for a new entry. I usually find one that’s similar, copy and paste it. This is borderline dangerous, as you can start editing the old one. Right-click and copy to new blank entry would be very useful.

IMHO the editor should be streamlined to minimize the mouse and maximize basic things like tabbing between fields. These are my typical use-cases:

  • At Christmas I record who send me cards by putting the year in the field. Changing the least significant digit of a number takes a lot of messing around.
  • Add a new name to the address book or a new website, username and password. Each field must be manually selected.

Thanks for all your work,

Hello @btribley - thank you for making these suggestions, which are all excellent observations. We will include this feedback and try to resolve some of these issues in upcoming releases.