Codebook 3 Mac DOES NOT SAVE new edits consistently


Currently using 3.02 mac version, on Yosemite. I think this problem appeared several minor versions ago, not sure.

Basically, I edit an older entry, such as adding a new field with label. If I click away from this entry, say, on another entry, and then click to go back, the data is gone. Only the new label line with blank field remains. Sometimes it does this and sometimes it works fine.

Adding to this problem is syncing. Even if the new data finally seems to have saved itself on the desktop, syncing with my android phone (using restore mode on phone, obviously), I get the entry on the phone with the label, but AGAIN the field is blank on BOTH platforms.

I have been forced to redo every step many times to get this thing to save and it is scary. I believe it might also happen with new entries, but it’s hard to say at this point.


Can’t say why that happens or if it’s the expected behavior, but I’m now in the habit of simply pressing cmd-e after any change, to toggle edit mode, which appears to save the record on Mac. I’m using Codebook 3 on El Capitan fwiw.


Hi @ktx

The expected behavior is when you leave an entry if it was in edit mode, it should leave edit mode and save the changes that were pending. We’ve found a couple of edge cases where this doesn’t behave as expected, and addressed them in an upcoming update.

The sync behavior you’re describing sounds like you may be in edit mode while attempting to sync, this is another case that we’ve fixed in the upcoming update. The expected behavior is if you’re in edit mode and initiate a sync, it should leave edit mode (and save the pending changes) prior to syncing.

We’d recommend explicitly leaving edit mode (to save changes), by clicking to edit button, or using cmd-e as @rickcogley pointed out until the update is released. Could you try this out and let us know if the issues are still occurring for you? Thanks.