Sync reliability - new entry missing fields values after sync

TL;DR - Defined new Label and create new entry using it in the OSX app, added fields with the new label and values. Synchronised with Android app. The values from the new entry were are missing in the Android app while still present in the OSX app.

How can I help debug the issue?

All the steps:

  1. OSX app - Defined two new text labels - let’s call them Text1, Text2. The intention was to create just one so I removed the duplicate and renamed the other to the desired name. For short period of time both labels had same name. Let’s say the remaining one was Text1 but I couldn’t tell which one I deleted
  2. OSX app - Edited existing entry Entry1 by adding Text1 twice, then filled in values while also edited an existing Note field
  3. OSX app - Mistakingly deleted the Entry1 instead of removing the Note field.
  4. OSX app - Recreated the entry as new entry - Entry2 - by copying the values from Entry1 on the Android app
  5. Android App - edited Entry1 by adding new field hoping the entry will be somehow preserved
  6. OSX app - Synced to new local folder as a backup
  7. Android app - synced with OSX app via Wifi
  8. Android app - Found Entry2 was present in Android app with all the fields defined but without values. On OSX app - Entry2 intact with values present
  9. OSX app - Ran Integrity check - Entry1 was re-created under Unfiled category including the new field I added in Android
  10. Android app - Ran Integrity check - The message after the Integrity check had to two items with non-zero numbers, one was 2 indices, don’t remember the second. Entry1 was created under Unfiled category. Entry2 still missing values.
  11. The last updated times of Entry2 same on Android and OSX apps, both devices in same timezone and with same time.

My concern is the reliability of the sync, If I haven’t notices the issue and somehow lost the OSX database I would have lost the values in Entry2.

Hi @4jb6mcs5T7vT

Thanks for your support of Codebook and for posting to the discussion forum, although I’m sorry to hear about the trouble.

I’ve attempted the steps you outlined a few times and haven’t been able to reproduce the field values of Entry2 getting dropped so far (the behavior of Entry1 sounds correct since you explicitly deleted it on macOS).

I have a few follow up questions:

  • What versions of Codebook are you using on each device? (you can find the version on Android at the top of the Settings screen, and on macOS in Codebook menu > About Codebook)
  • Are you able to reproduce the same issue with a separate test entry?
  • What was the mode of the newly created label Text1 (I believe it was a “Note” from your description, but would like to confirm)?

And some preliminary suggestions:

  • The latest version of Codebook for macOS is 4.0.1 and Codebook for Android is 4.0.7, if you’re using versions older than that, please update to the latest versions. There are instructions for getting the latest versions in the release notes blog post here:

Once both Codebook clients are up to date, could you reach out to us at so we can provide further instructions. Thanks!