Os x overwriting newer ios entries

I am runnining IOS STRIP v 2.5.1 and OS X Strip 2.5.2 (292).
I am doing sync by Desktop WIFI.

I added a new password to my ios STRIP.
Next, I launched STRIP on my mac os x laptop and did sync.
(1) The password I entered on my ios was removed from
the phone and not added to the laptop. Just in case I forgot
to click “save”, I repeated this one more time, making sure to click save,
and the problem happened again.

I next started investigating, to reproduce the problem in the other way. But I get another problem. (2)
On my laptop, I add in a field called “Note” to an existing entry,
and put in a test value “junk”.
On my phone, I click “sync”. On my phone, I see that there has been a field added
called “password” (wrong field type), and its value is empty. So I sync again,
and this time the proper field name and value gets added properly to my phone.

Next, I try reproducing the original problem. But now I cannot reproduce it.
Now, I am able to add a password on my phone and sync properly on my laptop.

Confused, I try to reproduce the second bug, and it is persistent. It takes two syncs to add a new field and value from OS X to IOS.

In conclusion, I can’t reproduce bug (1).
But I can reproduce bug (2).

Kind of hit my time limit I can spend on this problem now … bye.

Hi @Ben_Kilminster, sorry for the delayed reply here, and for all the trouble. We haven’t seen this issue before We were wondering if perhaps the two instances were for some reason sharing the same unique ID used to identify different databases? Here’s what we’d like to see:

  1. Launch STRIP for iOS and log in
  2. Tap on the Settings view and then Database Info
  3. Scroll down until ‘GUID’ is in view
  4. Launch STRIP on your Mac and log in
  5. From the File menu select Get Info
  6. There you will see ‘Replica GUID’—does this value differ from the GUID on your iPhone?

Did you by any chance remove all labels from either the iPhone or Mac version of STRIP to replace them?

With the second problem, when you’ve edited an entry on the Mac, and then run a sync from iOS, are you ending the editing on the Mac side before starting the sync to test the persistence of the change?