Multiple Device Sync

Hello - I use two iPhones with STRIP and having an issue syncing. When I change a password on one device and try to update to the Dropbox the issue is I cannot do this on a password to password basis - I can only do the entire STRIP file. So if I changed just one password on one phone, but a different one on the other they overwrite changes. Is there an option to have the Sync recognize the latest password stamp date/time and update only the most recent no matter which device it is coming from? It is like reading a book on your phone and no matter which one you start reading from it picks up from the latest page (sync’d between devices)
Thank you!

@MYates sorry to hear about the trouble! I think STRIP should be doing what you want:

  1. On iPhone 1 say you add a password to an entry, then you sync to Dropbox
  2. On iPhone 2 you add a note to that same entry, then you sync to Dropbox

What you end up getting at that point is that iPhone 2 has the changes from iPhone 1, but iPhone 1 still hasn’t gotten the change from iPhone 2, the new note on the entry. So one more sync against Dropbox from iPhone 1 will get that done. You shouldn’t end up missing the change from either device. If you are updating the very same password on both devices then the most recent version should “win,” but you may need to go through syncing up each device as described above to see that reflected accurately.

Could you give that a shot and let us know if it’s working for you? If not, you might be in this position where changes aren’t being synced due to an issue with copying databases when setting up a new device. Please let us know what you think.

We would prefer to have sync be something that happens in the background with a much lighter footprint and that’s something we hope to look into soon.